PDEs on the sphere 2019

April 29 - May 3, 2019, Montréal, Québec, Canada

Programme of the workshop

You can download the programme of the workshop in pdf format. Details are given below, day by day, with a link to the abstract of each presentation and poster. See also the complete book of all the abstracts in one PDF file.

You can also download the list of the participants.

Monday, 29 April 2019

08:00 Registration
08:30 Organizers Welcome and Introduction
08:50 Laurent Debreu Brinkman volume penalization for bathymetry in ocean models (abstract | (talk)
09:10 Fedor Mesinger Cut-cell Eta large scale skill vs. ECMWF ensemble members—where does it come from? (abstract | talk)
09:30 Bill Skamarock Vertical Resolution Requirements in Atmospheric Simulation (abstract | talk)
09:50 Coffee Break
10:50 Hann-Ming Juang Use of Non-iteration Dimensional-split Semi-Lagrangian (NDSL) in Central Weather Bureau Global Forecast System (abstract | talk)
11:10 Xi Chen A modern perspective on grid staggering’s impact on dispersive properties and a real energy conserved model with consistent dynamics-physics coupling (abstract | talk)
11:30 Peter Lauritzen A total energy error analysis of dynamical cores and physics-dynamics coupling in the Community Atmosphere Model (CAM) (abstract | talk)
11:50 Lunch
13:50 Syed Zahid Husain Global Environmental Multiscale model with a new terrain-following vertical coordinate based on height (abstract | talk)
14:10 Nicholas Kevlahan A wavelet-based dynamically adaptive dynamical core: results and perspectives (abstract | talk | animation 1 | animation 2)
14:30 Mark Taylor The E3SM Non-Hydrostatic Dynamical Core (abstract | talk)
14:50 Coffee Break
15:30 Christian Kühnlein FVM: A nonhydrostatic finite-volume dynamical core for the IFS (abstract | talk)
15:50 Thomas Melvin Dynamical core for the Met Office's Next Generation Modelling System (abstract | talk)
16:10 Alex Reinecke Neptune model development and testing at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (abstract | talk)
16:30 Kevin Viner Linking NEPTUNE with NAVDAS-AR: A Cycling NWP System coupling a 3D Spectral Element model and 4DVar Data Assimilation (abstract | talk)
17:30 Ice Breaker (self paid). Benelux Bar, just north of Agora, 245 Sherbrooke West

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

08:30 Colin Cotter Discrete Monge Ampere approaches to solving the semigeostrophic equations (abstract | talk)
08:50 Hann-Ming Juang Shallow-atmosphere Form for Deep-Atmosphere Dynamics Equations (abstract | talk)
09:10 Nathan Paldor Wave theory on a rotating sphere: An interpretation based on the formulation of Schrödinger equations (abstract | talk)
09:30 Jörn Behrens Towards Model Adaptivity: Localized Nonhydrostatic Wave Modeling (abstract | talk)
09:50 Coffee Break
10:30 Andreas Mueller ESCAPE1+2: Energy-efficient Scalable Algorithms for Weather and Climate Prediction at Exascale (abstract | talk)
10:50 Nathan Paldor The Matsuno baroclinic wave test case (abstract | talk)
11:10 Richard Slevinsky Fast and stable computations with spherical harmonics (abstract | talk)
11:30 Christopher Subich An algorithm for quadrature on spherical polygonal grids (abstract | talk)
11:50 Lunch
13:50 Qingshan Chen A mimetic and conservative numerical scheme with optimal dispersive wave relations (abstract | talk)
14:10 Rüdiger Brecht A variational integrator for the rotating SWE (abstract | talk | animation)
14:30 Christopher Eldred Structure-preserving models of geophysical fluids (abstract | talk)
14:50 Coffee Break
15:30 Thomas Gibson Hybridization of compatible finite element methods for dynamical cores (abstract | talk)
15:50 David Lee A Mixed Mimetic Spectral Element Model of the 3D Euler Equations on the Cubed Sphere (abstract | talk)
16:10 Jemma Shipton Compatible finite element methods for numerical weather prediction on moving meshes. (abstract | talk | animation 1 | animation 2)
16:30 Golo Wimmer Energy conserving compatible finite element methods including upwinding (abstract | talk)

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

08:30 Takeshi Enomoto Application of spherical helix nodes to a shallow-water model using radial basis functions (abstract | talk)
08:50 Xingliang Li A nonhydrostatic dynamical core on cubed sphere using multi-moment scheme (abstract | talk)
09:10 Xingliang Li Development of oscillation-less nonhydrostatic atmospheric model by multimoment finite volume method (abstract | talk)
09:30 Konrad Simon Multiscale Finite Elements for Advection-dominated Problems with Rough Data (abstract | talk | animation)
09:50 Coffee Break
10:30 Michael Baldauf The HEVI approach with an IMEX-RK Discontinuous Galerkin solver (abstract | talk)
10:50 Sehun Chun High-order curvilinear mesh in the numerical solution of PDEs with moving frames on the sphere (abstract | talk)
11:10 John McGregor Refinements of reversible staggering for cubed-sphere models (abstract | talk)
14:00 Group Photo
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Poster Advertising

Anusha Sunkisala Comparing various coupling methods for 1D Diffusion Equations with a analytical solution of Two phase Stefan Problem (abstract)

Florian Lemarié Challenges and prospects for dynamical cores of oceanic models across all scales (abstract | poster)

Luan Santos Topography based local refinement in spherical Voronoi grids (abstract | poster)

Matthieu Brachet A Cubed Sphere model for wave propagation on long physical time problems (abstract | poster)

Oksana Guba Semi-Lagrangian tracer transport in the E3SM atmospheric dycore (abstract | poster)

Stefan Vater Downscaling data assimilation techniques applied to low Froude number shallow water flows (abstract)

Ying-Ju Chen Applying NDSL Scheme on the Tracers’ Advection Equations of RSM (abstract | poster)

Yiyuan Li (represented by Xingliang Li) Comparison of the advection errors in two kinds of terrain-following coordinates using the idealized advection experiments (abstract)
14:00 Poster Session and Coffee Break
18:00 Dinner: Restaurant Holder, 407 McGill.

Thursday, 2 May 2019

08:30 Michel Bänsch Adaptive volcanic modeling using Discontinuous Galerkin Methods (abstract | talk)
08:50 Martin Schreiber PFASST: Exploiting time-parallelism with a multi-level spectral deferred corrections scheme for the shallow water equations on the rotating sphere (abstract | talk)
09:10 Michail Diamantakis Atmospheric tracer transport in the ECMWF model using multiple grids (abstract | talk)
09:30 Yumeng Chen Integrating adaptive tracer transport module into existing atmospheric model ECHAM6 (abstract | talk)
09:50 Coffee Break
10:30 Christiane Jablonowski Evaluating 2D and 3D Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR) Techniques with Moisture Processes (abstract | talk)
10:50 Peter Lauritzen Evaluating the Physics at a Lower Resolution in CAM-SE-CSLAM (abstract | talk)
11:10 Thomas Bendall Moisture-Dynamics Coupling for a Compatible Finite Element Dynamical Core (abstract | talk)
11:30 Hilary Weller Multi-fluid Parameterisation of Convection (abstract | talk)
11:50 Lunch
13:30 Jean Côté Exponential Integrators for Numerical Weather Prediction: Analysis and Applications (abstract | talk)
13:50 Stéphane Gaudreault Application of Exponential Time Integration Methods in Numerical Weather Prediction Models (abstract | talk)
14:10 Pedro Peixoto Semi-Lagrangian Exponential Integration with application to the rotating shallow water equations (abstract | talk)
14:30 Janusz Pudykiewicz Investigation of the exponential time integration schemes for meteorological models (abstract | talk)
14:50 Coffee Break
15:30 Tobias Bauer Fourth order multirate infinitesimal step methods and its application to numerical weather prediction (abstract | talk)
15:50 Andrew Steyer Efficient IMEX Runge-Kutta integrators for the HOMME-NH dycore (abstract | talk)
16:10 Piotr Smolarkiewicz Generalised Perturbation Equations for All-Scale Atmospheric Dynamics (abstract | talk)
16:30 Yong Su 3D reference profile in GRAPES_GFS dynamics (abstract | talk)

Friday, 3 May 2019

08:30 Jean‑Francois Cossette Global simulations of the solar convection zone using perturbed MHD equations (abstract | talk)
08:50 Paul Charbonneau Solar MHD simulations with EULAG-MHD (abstract | talk | animation 1 | animation 2 )
09:10 Almut Gassmann Discretization of generalized Coriolis and friction terms on the deformed hexagonal C-grid (abstract | talk)
09:30 Farshid Nazari Conservative compact coupled space-time constancy-preserving schemes for vertical transport (abstract | talk)
09:50 Coffee Break
10:30 Gordey Goyman Parallel geometric multigrid solver at the reduced latitude-longitude grid (abstract | talk)
10:50 Yves Ngueto 2D cubic sphere grid in lat/lon coordinates (abstract | talk)
11:10 Abdessamad Qaddouri Elliptic Solver for GEM model with a new terrain-following vertical coordinate based on height (abstract | talk)

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