PDEs on the sphere 2019

April 29 - May 3, 2019, Montréal, Québec, Canada

Local Information


A block of rooms at a preferred rate has been set aside for participants, at the hotel Le St-Martin Hôtel Particulier. The hotel is at a 10-minute walk, or two subway stations, from the location of the workshop.

Most goods and services in Quebec are subject to two taxes, a federal Goods and Services Tax of 5% (usually listed as TPS or GST on receipts – Taxe sur les produits et services / Goods and Services Tax) and a provincial sales tax of 9.975% (TVQ or QST on receipts – Taxe de vente du Québec / Québec Sales Tax). There is also a lodging tax for hotels, of 3.5% in Montréal. These taxes are usually not included in the prices displayed and are added at the time of payment.


The workshop venue and the St-Martin hotel are both located in downtown Montréal. For detailed information on arriving to or departing from Montréal by air, train, bus or car, we suggest the web site of Tourisme Montréal.

There are several transportations services available from Montréal airport:

Entering Canada

If you require a visa, please contact your local Canada embassy or consulate for information about current visa processing time estimates and processes.

In all cases, check what document you need to enter Canada in the Visit Canada website.

About Montréal

See the Tourisme Montréal website for information on Montréal's local restaurants, attractions, festivals, and services.

Some useful links to get around Montréal:
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