5th WGNE workshop on systematic errors in weather and climate models

June 19-23, 2017, Montréal, Québec, Canada


You can download the list of posters in pdf format. Details are given below, sorted by theme, with links.

We have been using a color-code to identify each theme, and those colors are used in the program to indicate the corresponding poster session.

Atmosphere-land-ocean-cryosphere interactions
Annelize van Niekerk Quantifying the uncertainty in parametrized orographic drag and its impact on the large scale atmospheric circulation (abstract | poster)
Asmerom Beraki Seasonal to inter-annual climate variability as simulated by the Variable-Resolution Earth System Model (abstract | poster)
Daria Gushchina The relationship between intraseasonal tropical variability and ENSO in CMIP5 (abstract | poster)
Emilia Sanchez Gomez Role of the remote and local wind stress forcing in the development of the warm SST errors in the South-Eastern Tropical Atlantic in a coupled high-resolution seasonal hindcast (abstract | poster)
Eunjeong Lee Impacts of Sea Surface Salinity on Numerical Weather Prediction (abstract | poster)
Fatoumata Binta Diallo Using in-situ observations to identify sources of surface energy biases in climate models : focus on West Africa (abstract | poster)
Felix Pithan Larcform1: A process-based evaluation of model biases in the Arctic boundary layer (abstract | poster)
Felix Pithan Missing orographic drag leads to climate model biases in jet streams, blocking and storm tracks (abstract | poster)
Gunilla Svensson Impact of boundary layer wind turning on the general circulation (abstract | poster)
Hal Ritchie Overview of CONCEPTS Ice-Ocean Prediction Systems: From Research to Operations (abstract | poster)
Huang-Hsiung Hsu Improving Madden-Julian Oscillation Simulation: Atmosphere-Ocean Coupling and Land/Orographic Effect (abstract | poster)
Hyeyum Hailey Shin Diurnal Cycle Climatology of Planetary Boundary Layer Parameters in the Atmospheric Component of the GFDL Global Climate Model (abstract | poster)
Inna Polichtchouk Zonal-mean circulation response to reduced air-sea momentum roughness (abstract | poster)
Irina Sandu Orographic drag uncertainties impact forecast skill (abstract | poster)
Keith Williams Atmospheric model surface heat flux errors responsible for long-standing Southern Ocean climate model biases (abstract | poster)
Kwinten Van Weverberg Near-surface temperature biases in weather and climate models near the Southern Great Plains (abstract | poster)
Nils Wedi High resolution forecast error with reduced precision (abstract | poster)
Patrick Broxton How are CFS seasonal forecasts affected by poor snow initialization? (abstract | poster)
Rostislav Fadeev Coupled atmosphere-ocean model SLAV-INMIO: implementation and first results of verification (abstract | poster)
Yihua Wu Improving Near-Surface Field Forecasts in NCEP Forecast Models (abstract | poster)

Clouds and precipitation
Ángel Adames Spatial and temporal variations in cloud-radiation feedbacks and gross moist stability in GFDL AM4 and ERA-Interim (abstract | poster)
Chein-Jung Shiu Including cloud microphysics parameterization into cumulus parameterization of NCAR CESM and TaiESM (abstract | poster)
Danahé Paquin-Ricard Role and Impact of a Deep Convective Parameterization on Km-Scale Atmospheric Forecasts (abstract | poster)
Guoqiang Xu Preliminary Study of Superparameterization with GRAPES model and numerical experiments (abstract | poster)
Hideaki Kawai Improvements and Reductions in Systematic Errors Associated with Clouds in the MRI Climate Model (abstract | poster)
Ian Folkins Accurate simulation of the temperature profile in actively convecting regions of the tropics using a convective parameterization (abstract | poster)
Jason Milbrandt Addressing Precipitation Displacement Errors due to Hydrometeor Drift (abstract | poster)
Jian Li Improvement of rainfall simulation on the steep edge of the Tibetan Plateau (abstract | poster)
Jon Petch Evaluating convective-scale simulations of tropical cyclones in South East Asia (abstract | poster)
Jorge Luis Gomes 1-Km Eta Model Simulations over Complex Topography: Horizontal Diffusion and Cloud Microphysics Tests (abstract | poster)
Keith Williams A multi-diagnostic approach to cloud evaluation (abstract | poster)
L. Ruby Leung South Asian Monsoon Precipitation in CMIP5: Linking Biases and Inter-model spread to Model Representations of Tropical Convection (abstract | poster)
Martin Köhler Uncertainty of summer convection over land using LES ensemble (abstract | poster)
Matthew Janiga Prediction of Tropical Waves, the MJO, and Tropical Cyclones in Global Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean Forecasts (abstract | poster)
Ming Zhao An analysis of global climate model simulated Madden Julian Oscillation with fully closed moist static energy budget (abstract | poster)
Mujtaba Hassan Effect of model biases on simulated changes of South Asian Summer Monsoon precipitation under the AR5 scenarios (abstract | poster)
Nicholas Klingaman Analyzing scales of precipitation in general circulation models and observations (abstract | poster)
Paul A. Vaillancourt Improving the hydrological cycle, surface and top of atmosphere energy budgets of the Canadian global deterministic prediction system (abstract | poster)
Rae-Seol Park Improvement of cloud fraction scheme via radiative budget analysis (abstract | poster)
Rafael Cesario de Abreu Dynamical downscaling of precipitation in the South America: analysis of spectral nudging and the variability of the CMIP5 data (abstract | poster)
Richard Keane Investigating the time scale of the Indian Monsoon dry bias in the Met Office Unified Model (abstract | poster)
Romain Roehrig Disentangling atmospheric biases in the tropical Atlantic in the CNRM climate model (abstract | poster)
Shawn Corvec A novel convective scheme for the CAM4 AGCM and impacts on the tropical circulation (abstract | poster)
Sin-Chan Chou Evaluation of the Regional Climate Eta Model for long-term simulations over South America (abstract | poster)
Stan Benjamin Common Cloud-Radiation Errors from 4-hour to 4-week Model Prediction (abstract | poster)
Steven Woolnough Using the Weak Temperature Gradient Approximation to Develop and Evaluate Convective Parametrization Schemes (abstract | poster)
Tieh Yong Koh Improved rainfall and cloud-radiation interaction with Betts-Miller-Janjic cumulus scheme in the tropics (abstract | poster)
William Ingram Enhancing the vertical resolution of the latest MO GCM to 10 m through the boundary layer (abstract | poster)
Xianwen Jing The too fast, too frequent precipitation simulated in GCMs (abstract | poster)
Jian Li Comparing CAM5 and Superparameterized CAM5 Simulations of Summer Precipitation Characteristics over Continental East Asia: Mean State, Frequency–Intensity Relationship, Diurnal Cycle, and Influencing Factors (abstract | poster)
Yoo-Bin Yhang Evaluation of Regional Climate Model for Trends of Extreme Indices over East Asia (abstract | poster)
Young Kwon A scale-aware convective parameterization scheme (abstract | poster)

Metrics and diagnostics
Amy Creese Constraining Congo Basin rainfall in the CMIP5 ensemble: a process-based assessment (abstract | poster)
Barbara Casati Verification of sea-ice prediction by using distance measures (abstract | poster)
Barbara Casati A scale-separation verification approach which accounts for the uneven spatial density of station observation networks (abstract | poster)
Callum Munday The representation of southern African rainfall in coupled climate models: the role of the Angola Low (abstract | poster)
Charlotte Demott Sources of error for ocean feedbacks to the MJO (abstract | poster)
Daehyun Kim MJO Simulation in CMIP5 Climate Models: MJO Skill Metrics and Process-oriented Diagnostics (abstract | poster)
Yumin Moon Process Oriented Diagnostics of Tropical Cyclones in Climate Models (abstract | poster)
Enrico Scoccimarro Modeling Tropical Cyclone induced Power Dissipation Index: dependency on spatial and temporal resolution (abstract | poster)
Eric Maloney Process-oriented Diagnostics in Climate Models: The Framework and Examples Based on the MJO (abstract | poster)
Etienne Tourigny Process-based metrics developed in the framework of the PRIMAVERA project (abstract | poster)
Fabien Carminati Characterisation of numerical weather prediction model biases using GRUAN reference radiosondes. (abstract | poster)
Glenn White Assessing systematic errors in the Global Forecast System (abstract | poster)
H Annamalai Systematic model errors in Asian-Australian monsoon precipitation climatology: process-based diagnostics to identify error sources (abstract | poster)
Jian Ling A New Interpretation of the Ability of Simulating the MJO by Global Models (abstract | poster)
Jonathan Eliashiv Tropical climate Variability in CESM-DART (abstract | poster)
Jose Antonio Salinas-Prieto Dynamical regionalization evaluation for a tropical area (abstract | poster)
Keith Williams The Cloud Feedback Model Intercomparison Project (CFMIP) Diagnostic Codes Catalogue (abstract | poster)
Kriti Bhargava Estimation and Correction of GFS Systematic Errors Using Analysis Increments (abstract | poster)
Matthew Newman Dynamically meaningful metrics of ENSO in climate models (abstract | poster)
Matthew Wheeler Seamless precipitation prediction skill comparison between two global models (abstract | poster)
Michelle Harrold Showcasing the hierarchical testing framework established by the Global Model Test Bed (GMTB) (abstract | poster)
Panos Athanasiadis The representation of the North Atlantic eddy-driven jet variability and its sensitivity to model resolution. (abstract | poster)
Philip Pegion Addressing errors in land surface initial conditions within the Global Forecast System Ensemble (GEFS) (abstract | poster)
Prince Xavier MJO propagation and dependence on mean state in the Met Office Unified Model (abstract | poster)
Takafumi Kanehama DPSIVS; an extensible and efficient verification system for Japan Meteorological Agency Global Spectral Model (abstract | poster)
Tara Jensen Recent Advancements in Verification within the Developmental Testbed Center (abstract | poster)
Tido Semmler A simple ocean model performance metrics applied to historical CMIP5 simulations (abstract | poster)
Tracey Dorian Using Method for Object-Based Diagnostic Evaluation (MODE) to Analyze Systematic Biases in the Global Forecast System (abstract | poster)
William Ingram Splitting the differences in climate sensitivities between models into components associated with differences in formulation or emergent feedback (abstract | poster)
Xianan Jiang Process-oriented Diagnostic Metrics for the Madden-Julian Oscillation (abstract | poster)
Zhuo Wang Evaluation of the MJO and Tropical Cyclones in Global Models (abstract | poster)

Model errors in ensembles
Abdoul Khadre Traore Omens of coupled model biases in the CMIP5 AMIP simulations: role of the surface evaporation (abstract | poster)
Ariane Frassoni Convective-permitting ensemble forecast system using BRAMS: uncertainty related with dynamical downscaling simulation over Southeastern Brazil (abstract | poster)
Aurore Voldoire SST bias development in the Tropical Atlantic in PREFACE coordinated experiments (abstract | poster)
Christian Steger Systematic differences between dynamical and statistical downscaling methods in the CORDEX EUR-11/ReKliEs-De Ensemble (abstract | poster)
Daryl Kleist The use of “stochastic physics” in data assimilation: Application to the operational hybrid GDAS and plans for NGGPS/FV3 (abstract | poster)
Donghyun Lee CMIP5 model evaluation on mean and extreme precipitation responses to East Asian Summer Monsoon variability (abstract | poster)
Falko Judt Effect of Model Error on the Predictability of Hurricane Intensity (abstract | poster)
Isidora Jankov Stochastic Approaches Within a High Resolution Rapid Refresh Ensemble- Part I: Sensitivity Testing (abstract | poster)
Jacob Maddison Systematic error in the forecast of atmospheric blocking and upper-level Rossby waves (abstract | poster)
Jamie Wolff Stochastic Approaches Within a High Resolution Rapid Refresh Ensemble – Part II: Expanded Evaluation (abstract | poster)
Jing-Jia Luo Systematic biases of ACCESS-GC model in simulating and predicting tropical climate (abstract | poster)
Jonghun Jin On the inter-model uncertainty in the future projections of extreme temperature over East Asia (abstract | poster)
Judith Berner Increasing the Skill of Probabilistic Forecasts: Understanding Performance Improvements from Model-Error Representations (abstract | poster)
Kathy Pegion Assessing the Fidelity of Predictability Estimates Using the North American Multi-model Ensemble (abstract | poster)
Kazuo Saito The ensemble-variational method using observation space localization (abstract | poster)
Kenneth Sperber Intraseasonal Variability and the Onset of Monsoon Rainfall (abstract | poster)
Marco Arpagaus Systematic errors of the new high-resolution NWP ensemble prediction system of MeteoSwiss (abstract | poster)
Martin Leutbecher Representation of model uncertainties in ECMWF ensembles (abstract | poster)
Naoto Nakano Empirical evaluated SDE modelling and predictability estimates: applications to chaotic dynamical systems and climate low-frequency variability (abstract | poster)
Philip Pegion Evaluating the effectiveness of stochastic perturbations to represent model error (abstract | poster)
Pier Luigi Vidale Errors in the simulation of storms characteristics, and their tracks, in weather and climate global models (abstract | poster)
Richard Keane Evaluation of the Plant-Craig stochastic convection parameterisation in MOGREPS (abstract | poster)
Suryun Ham Seamless coupled Prediction System (SCoPS): Assessment of the APCC model retrospective seasonal forecast (1982-2013) (abstract | poster)
William Merryfield GSIP’s Long-Range Forecast Transient Intercomparison Project (LRFTIP) (abstract | poster)
Ying Ying Toh Maritime Continent seasonal climate biases in AMIP experiments of the CMIP5 multimodel ensemble (abstract | poster)

Resolution issues
Alexander Baker Resolution sensitivity of European extreme precipitation and its response to large-scale atmospheric circulation variability (abstract | poster)
Benoit Vanniere Sensitivity of the hydrological cycle to global climate models' resolution (abstract | poster)
Carolina Dufour Climate model biases in ocean stratification in the vicinity of Antarctica: origins and impacts (abstract | poster)
Falko Judt For how long can we predict the weather? – Insights into atmospheric predictability from global convection-allowing simulations (abstract | poster)
Fedor Mesinger Systematic errors due to terrain-following coordinates (abstract | poster)
Francois Bouyssel The impact of the vertical resolution on fog forecasting with the AROME model (abstract | poster)
Hélène Côté The grueling journey of Regional Climate Model validation (abstract | poster)
Kazuo Saito Evaluation of errors in precipitation over Japan reproduced by the non-hydrostatic regional climate model (NHRCM) (abstract | poster)
L. Ruby Leung Simulations of mesoscale convective systems in a regional climate model and a global variable resolution model: effects of model resolution and convective parameterizations (abstract | poster)
Mike Bush Assessing the numerical weather prediction performance of different representations of convection using Unified Model real-time limited-area forecasts for South East Asia. (abstract | poster)
Nadir Jeevanjee Vertical Velocity in the Gray Zone (abstract | poster)
Reinhard Schiemann The resolution sensitivity of Northern Hemisphere blocking in four 25-km atmospheric global circulation models (abstract | poster)
Reinhard Schiemann Improved representation of European precipitation in a 25-km atmospheric global circulation model (abstract | poster)
Shan Sun Systematic Errors in the Subseasonal Forecast of the FIM-iHYCOM Coupled Model (abstract | poster)
Jian Li Sensitivity of Simulated Stratus Clouds over Eastern China to Horizontal Resolutions and Dynamical Cores in a General Circulation Model (abstract | poster)

David Straus Observed extratropical circulation response to Fast and Slow MJO episodes (abstract | poster)
David Straus Controlling Climate Model Tropical Bias Through Tropical Diabatic Heating Correction (abstract | poster)
Keith Williams Impact of Gulf Stream SST biases on the global atmospheric circulation (abstract | poster)
Maria Joao Carvalho Assessment of Northern hemisphere summer jet teleconnections (abstract | poster)
Pei-Ning Feng Representation of the MJO and its teleconnection in the GEM model (abstract | poster)
Priyanka Yadav Mid-latitude response to fast and slow MJO episodes in a very large ensemble of CFSv2 experiments (abstract | poster)
Subrahmanyam Bulusu Decadal Changes in Salinity in the Oceanic Subtropical Gyres (abstract | poster)
Zhuo Wang Extratropical Impacts on Atlantic Tropical Cyclones (abstract | poster)
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