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Technical aspects


We aim at providing our mapping results in a way accessible to Geographical Information Softwares (GIS) to enable accurate in-depth analysis by the consultancies.

We have chosen a well-known format for the GIS data exchange, i.e. the MIF/MID format developed by MapInfo. We have chosen to represent array data as rectangle map objects, using the RECT x1, y1, x2, y2 statement of the MIF/MID standard. If you are using a coordinate system different from that of our GIS-files, then you have to reproject that data to your own coordinate system (such as UTM or Mercator) to enable overlays with your own layers, probably.

 Resource Map product  Coordinate System
(expressed as a MapInfo coordsys line)
 Level 0 Canadian Atlas  CoordSys Earth Projection 20, 999, 12, 0, 0, 0, 7, -90.0000 , 90, 0.9330127, 0, 0

Documentation of the MID/MIF format is available at MapInfo at their free community library , or here directly.

For a sample analysis of our GIS products using MapInfo, click here.

Methodology details for the Level 0 Canadian Atlas generation

Under development .........

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