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  • A pamphlet summarizing the WEST system is available in PDF format.
  • The MC2 references on the COMM website: here.
  • The presentations made at WE conferences: here.
  • Article in Canadian Geographic Magazine of May-June 2001: Who has mapped the wind ?
  • Article in the National Geographic Magazine of April 2002: Power till the Cows come home - mapping Canada's winds help promote an underused energy resource : full scan , PDF version (best) or highlight.
  • Documentation about the CMC and its production Numerical Weather Prediction model can be found at the CMC website.

Some updates on the above:

Benoit, R., P. Pellerin, N. Kouwen, H. Ritchie, N. Donaldson, P. Joe, and E. Soulis, 2000: Toward the use of Coupled Atmospheric and Hydrologic Models at Regional Scale. Mon. Wea. Rev., 128, 1681-1706. PDF at the AMS.

Wen, L., W. Yu, C.A. Lin, M. Béland, R. Benoit, and Y. Delage, 2000: The role of land surface schemes in short-range, high spatial resolution precipitation forecasts. Mon. Wea. Rev., 128, 3605-3617. PDF at the AMS.

Benoit, R., C. Schär, P. Binder, S. Chamberland, H.C. Davies, M. Desgagné, C. Girard, C. Keil, N. Kouwen, D. Lüthi, D. Maric, E. Müller, P. Pellerin, J. Schmidli, F. Schubiger. C. Schwierz, M. Sprenger, A. Walser, S. Willemse, W. Yu, and E. Zala, 2002: The real-time ultrafinescale forecast support during the special observing period of the MAP. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 83, 1, 85–109. PDF at the AMS.

Yeh, K.-S., J. Cote, S. Gravel, A. Methot, A. Patoine, M. Roch, and A. Staniforth, 2002: The CMC-MRB global environmental multiscale (GEM) model. Part III: Nonhydrostatic formulation. Mon. Wea. Rev., 130, 2, 339-356. PDF at the AMS.

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